Moroccan Khardala A+++

Moroccan Khardala A+++


Grown: Outdoor
Type: Sativa 80% / Indica 20%

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What is Khardala?

The name Khardala, that of the most widespread variety in the Rif in 2013, means mix or blend. Yet the Khardala is also called Berraniya (the stranger). While it has definite sativa features that make it look like Kif, its indica characteristics are cultivators say it’s full and plump (maamra ou ghlida) and some dislike the taste, the smell and even the effect of its resin (tatkherdel: that drives one crazy). It seems that the Pakistana, an indica-dominant variety, is no longer cultivated in the Rif and that it was replaced by the Khardala, a sativa-dominant variety. Some cultivators estimate that the Gaouriya, a wide and low indica dominant variety with higher yields and higher THC content, is likely to replace the Khardala in the coming years.

The Khardala, a hybrid of unknown pedigree, resembles the Kif but grows wider with definite indica features and qualities. One such feature is its long growth period: it’s sown in April or May and cut in October. That’s much later than the kif, which is sown in February or March and cut in July or August.

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