Golden Teacher Shroomahuasca Capsules

Golden Teacher Shroomahuasca Capsules


Our newest creation. These are premade Shroomahuasca capsules.

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Everything you need put in, for easy swallow capsules. By far the easiest and most effective way to have Shroomahuasca. We are revolutionizing the industry here.

You absolutely can’t go wrong with Golden Teacher. Such a beautiful and positive trip. Universally positive. It can be very sensual and sexual. The most sensual trip you’ll ever have. We absolutely love it. APE is about the only one that compares to it. And GT doesn’t have that drunk feeling that APE has. We absolutely recommend GT.

Each capsule contains about half a gram of powdered GT mushrooms combined with a small amount of 15X Syrian Rue extract in every capsule. And every 7 capsules also comes with one smaller capsule of pure Syrian Rue extract.

With the addition of 15X Syrian Rue extract capsules. It turns this listing in to a ‘Shroomahusca’ or ‘Psilohuasca’ listing. Which is the combination of shrooms and an MAOI / RIMA. MAO is the enzyme that breaks down psilocin and psilocybin in your body. An MAOI Inhibits that enzyme. So temporarily your body is unable to break down psilocybin. Making the same dose 2 or 3 times more intense. As well as making it last twice as long.

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14 Mixed Capsules + 2 Rue Capsules, 28 Mixed Capsules + 4 Rue Capsules, 56 Mixed Capsules + 8 Rue Capsules, 7 Mixed Capsules + 1 Rue Capsule


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